How Anybody Can be a CEO

     Nowadays, you see everybody left, right, and center proclaiming to the world that they are CEOs, founders, presidents, but 9 out of 10 times, that means jack-shit. Sorry to be blunt, but I could claim to be the CEO of my gumball machine company, stood in 3 of the most popular convenience stores in our region, of course, this was a while ago. 

     To get straight to the point, being a CEO is vague, and demands more clarification, if there is a CEO, is there a CFO? are there board members? listen, if I were a one or two man job, I could announce myself as, CEO, CFO, shareholder, marketing manager, accountant, dishwasher, head-chef, founder and also the postman. 

     CEO (Chief Executive Officer), means that you are the highest ranking officer in the company, this means you need to have people to be the boss of, not just you and your buddy. A CEO also communicates with a board of directors, shareholders, usually it takes more qualification to become a CEO, there's no line to what you can call yourself, but Owner works just fine. Companies with a CEO is usually incorporated and what puts the CEO stamp on is an IPO (this means your company has stocks).

     Want to be a CEO? Buy some chocolate bars from your nearest wholesale retailer, register your business with the government for under $100, and start selling those delicious goods at a higher price! You are now officially, a CEO! (or whatever you want to call yourself).

Have fun dominating the world with your one-man army!

-Anemer (Esteemed Executive Janitor at Ani Co.)

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